Andrea Paipa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1989 she moved to California where she studied photography with Laura Parker , Peter Reiss and Andrew Freeman.
   Since then she has participated in several art shows 
   and her work has been exhibited worldwide, including 
   the Intrograz Festival in Austria.
   While living in London(98-2002) she studied at the 
   Westminster College with photographer Sam Appleby, 
   and her work was included in the Transbarroso 
   catalogue, published in that city in 2002.
   Since May 2003 she lives in DC where she is working 
   with found vintage pictures and written texts in 
   collaboration with other artists.


Artist Statement

   "Every picture is accurate. None of them is the truth"
                                                                               R. Avedon
   Wandering so much, I sometimes feared becoming a 
   ghost, with no roots, drifting from place to place. This 
   lightness was unbearable at times. Therefore my 
   photos: I needed new anchors.
   Photography for me is a search for myself, others and 
   the universes we create. I want to provoke a dance 
   between what we see, what we hear and what we say;
   to create a small world around "impossible" 
   questions: time, memory, sexuality, loss, the genesis 
   of a subject. Many of my works include texts, written 
   or spoken.
   Pictures like mirrors? Windows to the soul? Tips of 
   icebergs whose bodies are ourselves?
   I was there once. Not anymore. In between: what is 
   lost and what is not. Words and silence.
   Images are only faithful to themselves. 

   They exist for everyone to take in.

   Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

   MA in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
   Studied photography with Laura Parker and Peter Reiss 
   at UCLA and with Andrew Freeman at Otis Parson's 
   School of Art, Los Angeles, CA, 1990-93 And with Sam 
   Appleby at the Westminster College, London,2001-02
   Group Shows
   - Focus, Art Store, DC, June 2006.
  - Anonimo, Sinonimo, Antonimo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, 
       Buenos Aires, August 2004.
  - London Biennale 2004, Gallery 32, London, 2004.
   - Images & Origins II: Reflections of Women 
      Photographers, Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles 1999 
   - Annual Group Show , Los Angeles Photography Center, 
      Los Angeles 1991 

   - Salón Apertura, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, 
      Buenos Aires 1992 

   - Don't Get Me Wrong, Floyd Studio, Los Angeles 

   - Papel Arte, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires

   - Women Focus on Women, The Learning Alliance, 
      New York 1997 

   - Portfolio 97, Time Life Building, New York 1997 
   - Plain Brown Wrapper, an Exhibition of Pornographic Art,
      ABC no Rio, New York 1999

   - Anonimo-Sinonimo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, 
      Buenos Aires, 2004

   - London Biennale 2004, Gallery 32, London, UK
   - Argentinean Artists, Ratner Museum, Bethesda, 2006

   - Salón de Otoño, Argentinean Embassy, Washington, DC,
      October 2011
   Individual Shows
   -Argentinos en New York II,  Argentinian Consulate,
      New York,  December 2005.

   - Andy Goldstein Gallery, Buenos Aires 1996. Curated 
      by Alicia D'Amico                        

   - Bowery Sign Language: Grazlike, Graz,Austria 1996.
      Curated by Anita Hofer 

   - Argentinos en New York, Argentinian Consulate,
      New York 1999                      
   - Postcards, University of California, San Francisco 2002 
   - Españoles en New York, Angel Orensanz Foundation, 
      New York 2002 

   - Postcards,Torre del Retiro,Buenos Aires 2003 

   - Argentinos en New York II, consulado argentino en 
      New York, 2005
   Catalogues and Archives
   - Archives of National Museum of Women,Washington DC
  - Transbarroso, Latin American Artists in London 
  - Staffordshire University, UK