Notes on "Blue Stories"

   Blue Stories is a series based on old photographs
found in flea markets and drawers unopened for a long time.
I looked for myself in others. Those faces fired my imagination and in order to tame it, I looked for Florence Palpacuer's collaboration. Living in far away cities we communicated by mail: I sent her pictures of strangers. She mailed me back their stories. My little "aggiornamento" for those ghosts, covered in dust and forgetfulness, was to photograph them with a Polaroid camera.
   For this project I was inspired by the words of
   Marcelo Percia, in his book Clinica del Crack Up, 
   Lugar Editorial, 2001
   "…To tell something that I am unable to tell, I visit
   myself in others. I am (temporarily) in their lives. I
   appear in my dreams with someone else's name… 
   I search for myself where I have never been… 
   I visit my own existence in others beings…"