Notes on "Postcards"

  This group of pictures comes from a Polaroid transfer 
  series entitled Postcards. The images were captured 
  from the urban landscapes of five cities: Lisbon, 
  Vienna, Buenos Aires, Asbury Park* and London. They 
  seize moments o spaces, without seeking to 
  "represent" the city in question. In shows of this work, 
  visitors are presented with a soundtrack of music and 
  texts to accompany the postcards…To me they are 
  the voices of individuals in exodus, trying, and 
  perhaps failing, to stay in contact. 
  Technically the images are created using the Polaroid 
  transfer technique and hand coloring. Because this 
  process is unpredictable and individualized, each print 
  is unique and irreproducible. 
  I see these pictures as metaphors of memories and 
  dreams, images founded on expectations and eroded 
  by time. Souvenirs from stops on a long journey. 
  (*) After reading the short story No Hay Nadie Alla 
  Afuera by Alberto Fuguet, included in his book 
  Sobredosis (Editorial Planeta Chilena 1993) I went to 
  visit Asbury Park, NJ.